Marc Sabat - Les Duresses (12" Vinyl)

from Care Of Editions

Les Duresses emerges through a prism of speculative intonation. Marc Sabat uncovers an opening of tonal possibilities that he roots in an unfinished composition for solo violin by Morton Feldman. From its enigmatic notation and the conceptual tendencies expressed by Feldman, Sabat determines that the fragment is written in an alternate tonal space. Throughout Les Duresses, this space is given shape and consideration. Sabat draws on a sound world, not from Feldman, but like Feldman, that invites listeners to absorb themselves in longer durations where patterns can unfold. It comes from an imaginary American folk music, full of meandering, drifting, and at times, exuberance. ​The depth of Sabat's research brings about results that are arguably closer to the composer's intentions than one finds in many historical interpretations of music. His intonation of the fragment is more Feldman than most recordings of Palestrina are Palestrina. As an album, though, Les Duresses slips past interpretation and takes up imaginative trajectories into Sabat's compositional body of work.

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Care Of Editions Berlin, Germany

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